Mitch & Amanda!!! 

I know when Mitch first met me he was like - this girl is goofy... {I'll do whatever it takes to make my people feel comfortable :)}Well, I'd say that goofiness paid off! Look how great you guys look in front of the camera! 

It was such an honor to be part of this beautiful day. You guys had a gorgeous venue, wonderful food, and an AWESOME band. It was obvious that you had a blast celebrating. Thank you for choosing us to tell your story.

We wish you guys so much happiness!

Allison & The ARPcrew


What Is Kitbash? Jeff Tells All.

Hello ARP family!

Jeff here. Way, way back in May of 2013, I announced my plan to start a branding agency. Here is the link to that post for those interested. With the help of the wonderful Allison, Kitbash launched and I have been growing it ever since. 

I know you are asking yourself, "What is a branding agency?" Don't worry. It is the most common question that I get. Essentially, it’s a graphic design firm with a focus on a company’s overall brand. Think about Apple and how everything associated with them from the MacBook to the iPhone has a cohesive feel to it. Even their packaging is extremely thought out. That is what we do for our clients- help them present the best version of themselves to the world. We show what makes your company unique. This includes creating logos, websites, business cards, letterhead, print or digital ads, t-shirts...the list goes on and on. 

Check out our new site at and tell me how much you love it. If you feel like this is something you need, let’s get together and talk shop.

Jeff "the design guy" Rodgers