I stink at doing January

I love February.

January is hard for me because as much as I want to do all of the goal setting and planning that everyone else does, I just am never able to make it happen. I try - I buy the planner, the sheets - all the things, but somewhere between taking a breath from my Christmas Rush and just needing a moment to take a personal pause - I fall off the plan. I have a love hate relationship with rules… example : I love to cook, but I can’t bake (too many rules) I think I have a subconscious thing in me that says do the opposite of everyone else - stubborn maybe?

If you are falling into the “I stink at doing January” then join me and let February be your month.

Sit down and take a moment to think about what brings you joy. Long list or short list - it doesn’t matter - just make the list. Think about what life looks like this time next year. What will you want to reflect on and be proud that you changed, or accomplished. The rule lover in me is going to say - this is about YOU, not your partner, not your kids, not your (fill in the blank) Yes, we all have a million things we’d like to change about our daily life / family / home. We’re not talking about those changes - we’re talking about the YOU changes. 

Do you want to learn to sew, play the piano, paint, run marathons, cook, exercise, write, do pottery, get your degree, become a yoga instructor, choose a new profession, start a business, create a non-profit, do volunteer work? — I think YOU forget just how amazing you are and what you are capable of.  In fact, you are probably the only thing that is holding YOU back. When I do business coaching I’m always amazed at the talent my people have. And I’m always saying “Oh my goodness you can totally do this - just get yourself out of the way - stop thinking small and go for it!” Maybe you need to say this to yourself. I know I need to say it to myself - daily.

Today is January 27th - February starts in 5 days. This weekend I’m going to look back on all the things I wrote down at the beginning of January - all the goals that I wrote and forgot about. And I’m going to revisit what my 2017 looks like and then I’m going to let February be MY month.

Will you?